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S3 Ep13: Coastal Recap & South Alabama Preview

On a short week with South Alabama coming to Statesboro for a Thursday night, nationally televised battle, Matt and Cody recap the abysmal offensive showing in the loss against Coastal Carolina and what it will take to not lose our third conference game of the year against the Jaguars.

Show Notes: 

  • It Was Offense, Not Defense That Led to the Coastal Loss
  • Kept Going to a Dry Well on the Passing Game
  • Should Tomlin Play More? 
  • Game Likely More Lopsided If McCall Plays
  • We're Regressing When Majority of Sun Belt Is Improving 
  • 6 Yards Per Play Bare Minimum on Offense - And We Aren't There
  • We Discuss Coastal Carolina's Locker Room Wrestling Match
  • Is Coastal Becoming a Rival of Georgia Southern?
  • Previewing South Alabama: Confident Team with Solid Defense 
  • Keys to a Win: Get Kennedy the Ball More and Limit the Big Play

S3 Ep12: UMass Recap and Coastal Carolina Preview

Georgia Southern got the convincing, dominate win it has been looking for all season. Yes, it came against UMass, but it was the type of game the Eagles needed to gain some confidence and work out some kinks as GS prepares for one of its biggest tests of the season in No. 25 Coastal Carolina. 

Show Notes: 

  • Georgia Southern Finally Plays Four Quarters and Finishes
  • Result Doesn't Change Outlook Much for Coastal Carolina 
  • Uptempo or Ball Control?
  • ULM and UMass Were 8-8 on 4th Down Conversions: That Can't Happen
  • Previewing Coastal: They're Vulnerable Against the Run

S3 Ep11: We Have Another Game! UMass Preview

Only in 2020 would we be talking about a game that was scheduled less than 10 days from kickoff. Georgia Southern is now back to 12 games on its schedule after booking its seventh home game. Now, instead of an improbable three-week bye, the Eagles will host UMass Oct. 17. 

Show Notes: 

  • Jared Benko Is a Miracle Worker 
  • You Don't Book UMass Unless You're Confident We'll Win
  • Getting to Know the Minutemen 
  • We Need a Blowout Victory — But What Would That Ultimately Mean?
  • Will Playing UMass Help of Hurt Our Chances Against Coastal
  • Secondary and Defensive Play Calling Needs Work
  • Cody Goes Full Bad Cop While Matt Remains Hopeful

S2 Ep10: ULM Recap and Looking Ahead

They say football is a game of inches. That was the case Oct. 3 as Georgia Southern narrowly escaped Monroe, Louisiana, with a win. Matt and Cody break down what went wrong in the final 20 minutes of the game and where we go from here, including some unknowns with our next opponent. 

Show Notes: 

  • Cardiac Eagles Theme Continues 
  • Offense Played Well Other Than Final Two Drives
  • Why Were King and Kennedy Not Out for the Final Drive?
  • Defense: Why Can't We Close out Halves and Games?
  • Problems with Defense Isn't a Talent Issue
  • Mix of Pass and Run: What's the Right Ratio? 
  • Hate Week/Week and a Half/Two Months
  • Benefits of Playing App in December 
  • Coastal Carolina May Be Best Team in the Sun Belt

S3 Ep9: Louisiana Heartbreaker and ULM Preview

It wasn't the final result we wanted, but there are a lot of positives to take away from last week's 20-18 loss to a ranked Louisiana team. Will Georgia Southern be able to maintain the same intensity this week against a bad ULM team as the Eagles head back to the Bayou State for the second straight week? 

Show Notes: 

  • Finding Positives in a Gut-wrenching Loss 
  • Key Moving Forward Is Consistency and Finishing Drives
  • Offensive Play Calling and Getting Kennedy Touches
  • Defensive Play Improved 
  • The Catch and the Two-Point Conversion 
  • Georgia Southern on Wrong End of Lucky Kick
  • ULM Preview: Keys to a Blowout Victory
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