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S2 Ep10: ULM Recap and Looking Ahead

October 7, 2020

They say football is a game of inches. That was the case Oct. 3 as Georgia Southern narrowly escaped Monroe, Louisiana, with a win. Matt and Cody break down what went wrong in the final 20 minutes of the game and where we go from here, including some unknowns with our next opponent. 

Show Notes: 

  • Cardiac Eagles Theme Continues 
  • Offense Played Well Other Than Final Two Drives
  • Why Were King and Kennedy Not Out for the Final Drive?
  • Defense: Why Can't We Close out Halves and Games?
  • Problems with Defense Isn't a Talent Issue
  • Mix of Pass and Run: What's the Right Ratio? 
  • Hate Week/Week and a Half/Two Months
  • Benefits of Playing App in December 
  • Coastal Carolina May Be Best Team in the Sun Belt